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XploreME! v3.6 is out!

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XploreME! v3.6 is out! Empty XploreME! v3.6 is out!

Post by ThaPhoeniX Thu Aug 30, 2007 4:38 pm

XploreME! v3.6


- Added Xgui module - the new interface of XploreME, for now
only the Utilities using it, but in the future will replace most of
XploreME parts.
- Added Light Controller module, for advanced light managment (light turns off after 10 sec
and can be turn always-on/always-off via SEND button)
avilable in Xgui intefaces(utilities for now) and media player.
- Fixed: when trying to load a missing skin, now loads back the default skin.
- new icons for skin selection and skin items.
- *NEW UTILITY* - "Recorder" - allowing voice recording, can change path of saving, time limit,
and even play or delete the recorded file(can record files without file permissions).

- all the utilities is now using Xgui interface, looking better, and light controlled.
- some modifications to Sleeper and Stopper utility.
- for V3X: can use the BACK (the button between SEND and END) button instead of the missing Middle button.
- for V3X: BACK button opens help(also Middle button in other phones)
- added new field in skin making: "barS"
it used to change the space between the volume bars.
Picture Viewer
- The keys "5" and "Soft1" flipped: Soft1 - center the image(and opens menu in V3x)
and 5 - Fit to screen.

the new Recorder utility with the new Xgui interface:
XploreME! v3.6 is out! V36_1

Sleeper and Stopper with the new Xgui:
XploreME! v3.6 is out! V36_2 XploreME! v3.6 is out! V36_3

Skin selection:
XploreME! v3.6 is out! V36_4

Download Here!

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XploreME! v3.6 is out! Empty Re: XploreME! v3.6 is out!

Post by hOttt Fri Aug 31, 2007 1:14 pm

Im using XploreME! with the JetBlack500zm firmware and its a perfect combination... tnks !!!


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XploreME! v3.6 is out! Empty Re: XploreME! v3.6 is out!

Post by a1chum Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:46 pm

Thanx ThaPhoenix, for that Great and useful application for my V3X. godbless and more power!Very Happy


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XploreME! v3.6 is out! Empty Re: XploreME! v3.6 is out!

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