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XploreME! v4.2 is out!

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XploreME! v4.2 is out! Empty XploreME! v4.2 is out!

Post by ThaPhoeniX Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:37 pm

XploreME! v4.2 is out!
featuring new playlist viewer, fast playlist loader, new reader modes, a new Bluetooth chat utility and more!


- Added quick loading of a playlist file that was last used, last used means that you save a playlist to a file,
or load a playlist from a file (using the file browser).
- Fixed a bug in Mixed mode file browsing in V3x/V3xx and other phones that contains 3 drives.
- Added new utility: a simple Bluetooth Chat between two mobiles in a closed range. Note: this utility is in beta stage and
may have bugs
. the two mobiles must support bluetooth connection in a java applications.
- Fixed a bug in some phones with big resulotion (320X240): the main xploreme picture shown as it suppose to
be in smaller resolutions.
- Changed: Options settings "vibrarion" and "play tree" are ON by defualt.
- Added some new icons, changed some old ones, like playlist file icon.

-Fixed a bug in file actions: after returning from the results screen, the browser was scambled sometimes.
-Fixed a bug: When doing a cut/copy action in a browser the cut/copy list was erased sometimes.

- Added Playlist Viewer for advanced playlist control:(to enter the viewer, press # in the player)
shows all tracks in the playlist, with different color for playing track and queue tracks,
when pressing on a track in the playlist viewer, the track will be loaded, pressing again will load the main player display.
- Can search tracks in the playlist viewer by pressing *
- Added: Can queue tracks the playlist viewer!! (like in winamp when pressing "q" on a track in the playlist windows), this options allows you to choose
the next(up to 15) tracks to be played manually, the queued tracks will be with a different color in the playlist viewer,
also will show the position of in the queue when selecting the tracks. queuing is done by pressing 7 in the playlist viewer.
- Shows position on the playlist in the playlist viewer.
- Fixed a bug: art image was shown before it got resized
- When changing a song while the playing is on stop status, the next song will not start play
(only when playing is on play/pause status the next song will start play)

Text Reader
- Added 7 display modes: Normal, Full, Full BlackWhite, Full WhiteBlack, Full BW without scrollbar, Full WB without scrollbar
toggle display mode with "0", hold "0" to return to the normal display mode.

Bluetooth Chat
- allows simple chatting between 2 mobiles, one needs to wait for a partner and the other needs to search for one,
when connection established, one can send a message by pressing 5/J-fire.
When a message is received a new message indicator will be shown, incoming messages
will be stored until they will be shown, to show the next incoming message, press the Soft1 key.

Download Page
Bluetooth Chat bug reports

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XploreME! v4.2 is out! Empty Re: XploreME! v4.2 is out!

Post by hamidcomerc Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:01 am

thank you for your amazing program

my mobile is nokia 6300, how can i transfer jave programs to other mobiles throgh bluetooth?

good luck


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XploreME! v4.2 is out! Empty Re: XploreME! v4.2 is out!

Post by geo Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:57 am

hei ThaPhoneix can u make XploreME for 176x220 screen size????
pleaseeeeeeeeeee:cry: xoz my handphone is SE K610i



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XploreME! v4.2 is out! Empty Re: XploreME! v4.2 is out!

Post by sumeeranirmal Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:57 pm

Thanks alot friend!


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XploreME! v4.2 is out! Empty Re: XploreME! v4.2 is out!

Post by casos Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:59 pm

thank you for your program

My mobile is sony aino. Its OK.



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XploreME! v4.2 is out! Empty Re: XploreME! v4.2 is out!

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