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UGG culture

Post by poppycoachbags on Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:29 pm

2011 New UGG Boots , snow people are used or referred to UGG boots. People often mistakenly think the word UGG is a well-known brands, is not the case, UGG is not a brand name, but the general term for a class of shoes - snow boots. UGG Snow boots, is the rise in Australia during the First World War, the Australian pilot with the two pieces of sheepskin wrapped into the UGG Classic Short Boots to wear in the feet warm, then gradually became popular in Australia. Now more popular brand: UGG Australia, Marksun Aukoala, UGG Boots From Australia, CGM excellent, Yellow Earth, Jumbo UGG and so on.

UGG Culture
UGG Classic full of legend. Seemingly simple-minded, but the shape of popular cartoon of the Eurasian land, a fad in the fashion of the world. Once you put it, you could not bear to take off, its originality, can be Reliability and the super-luxurious comfort will make you crazy. Whether touch is like silk, wool classic anti-UGG Metallic Boots , let everyone comfortable and stylish surprise spring and summer sandals are a Must for every season

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The reason behind the first name UGG Classic Tall Boots called ugly boots (meaning ugly shoes.) It was a nickname for the Australian ugg, that is, snow boots. War is the rise in Australia, the Australian pilot with Two pieces of sheepskin shoes to wear on their feet wrapped into a warm, round boots later this simple-minded, gradually became popular in Australia.

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