New warm ugg get rid of winter depressing

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New warm ugg get rid of winter depressing

Post by poppycoachbags on Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:16 pm

For many people,Part of what is so depressing about winter is the lack of color. In Autumn we get the changing colors in the trees, the gradual shift from summer sun to winter clouds, highlighted by cold sunny days and gorgeous sunsets. Then winter hits and all youíve got is white 2011 new ugg boots , grey clouds, and endless rain.

On the other hand, the colder months herald the beginning of my favorite fashion: cardigans, UGG Classic Short Boots , scarves and anything that can be layered. Layers, thatís the key to spicing up the cold weather doldrums. Patterned tights, colored boots, bright scarves, and flouncy hats.

UGG Classic this season are very encouraging to my Fall Fashion World View. (Yes, that does deserve full capitalization.) Just look at the Classic Tall Stripe Cable Knit? What better way to integrate warm, cozy fashion and fun patterns? Or the Bailey Button Metallic: get some saucy, shiny glow with a nifty variation on the UGG Classic.

One of my favorites for the new season, though, UGG Metallic Boots has to be the UGG Highkoo. Just picture this fabulous slouch boot with patterned tights, a mid-length skirt, cardigan and scarf? Oh, itís perfect!

And best of all the Highkoo will still be perfect for everyday wear once the world warms up again in the Spring. When you look at UGG Classic Tall Boots in that way, itís really an investment.

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