Fiber Optic Telecom Fusion Splicer

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Fiber Optic Telecom Fusion Splicer

Post by poppycoachbags on Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:39 pm

AFL's Fiber Optic Telecom launched two new welding machines: the maintenance of mosaic (PM) fusion splicer and polarization of the FSM - 100 meters and Micronesia, bell 100P. New Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer both professional, because ARCMaster family of brands, to address the stitching for the plant, production, laboratory needs, and R & D applications."100 meters and bell 100P Series splicer splicer further dominance of the professional market players Fujikura. We are proud to offer products from around the world to meet the stitching for the needs of professional editing, reliable variety, performance the same customers, while providing real value, said: "Island Qing, general manager, Fujikura splicer in the business.

He continued: "This new family is the airport's 'ARCMaster', because the number of unique features to control the fusion of the plasma arc zone introduced. Of these features will completely change the user various types of specialty fiber splicing, including the SDF,visual fault locator, low compared to the afternoon, porous / micro structure. "

Listed as a new ARCMaster Fujikura splicer important functions are as follows:
- Patent "split V-groove" clamping system is available from 60 micron to 2000 micron fiber range exterior paint or not to change the V-groove or fiber fixture.
- Two days alignment technique, known as isopropyl alcohol (associated with Profile Alignment), appropriate adjustments and splicing fiber afternoon. Of the FSM - bell 100P both traditional and new PAS line technology investment promotion agencies. Investment promotion agencies of all visual fault locator types can also be an accurate estimate of each PM fiber, the company said.
- The "plasma" fiber positioning, ARCMaster splicer using multiple fibers and electrode positioning technology to provide self-defense and heat-sensitive editing or small diameter fibers versatility.
- Special arc calibration technology from research and development is conducive to high-end editing application is easy to move to production to ensure stable performance, so that the full function of plasma development.
- Improved splice loss through cold and warm combination of the characteristics of the image stitching technology for estimating.
- For the Self-Defense Forces to the core angle of the smallest spliced fusion splicerr, the fiber orientation relative levels of the holders of the V-groove, thereby reducing the higher order mode double-clad fiber. Performance Self-Defense Force also increased the splicing ability to reverse the direction of optical fiber installed in the holder.
- Improve the "sweeping arc" MFD's travel range to provide better matching capacity and remodeling ready to splice the ability of non-circular fiber
industry news from 10.28

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