playing next song on flip phones

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playing next song on flip phones

Post by mkwc.mod on Tue Jan 08, 2008 6:20 am

hey thaphoenix,

amazing, amazing work you've done with xploreme, a HUGE THANK YOU for your program.

i'd like to make a suggestion that will make things easy for us flipphone users. for us, since our [scroll left/right] buttons are on the *inside* of the phone, its rather inconvenient for us whenever we want to change songs, i.e. [take out phone from pocket--open flip--press scroll right--close flip--put back phone into pocket]

i don't know about other phones, but i'm using a v3x and we have a [smart key] on the side of the phone. do you think you can map the [smart key] to play the next song? perhaps the idea can be incorporated into other phones as well, then put all the patches together into one, and we can choose our phone model from the [select platform] option.

thanks for considering! Smile


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