Version Changes:

- Picture Viewer power tool added.
Picture Viewer
- Fixed a bug- The program only read *.jpg and not *.JPG or *.Jpg (Upper case extenstions), now it reads all.
Picture Viewer
- Smaller moving steps when moving a picture in the image UI.
- Some minor fixes
Picture Viewer
- Fixed bug with moving picture down, the moving ended before the image's border.
- Moving step size are now smaller than in version 0.1.2 (35p instead of 50p)
- New information in image's details - zoom factor (100% = 320 pixels)
- Zooming mode 85% changed to 93% in order to show picture in the biggest size without the
status bar blocking.
- Sound Player power tool added.
- File Browser power tool added.
- Major changes and reconstruction
of parts in the program.
- Main Menu rebuild.
- Added new icons.
- Run in backgound feature added.
- Added readme (this file)

Picture Viewer
- Added Feature: When reaching the last picture
the next image will be the first picture.
- Skip non image files if any on the list
(when in file browser mode)
- Options menu item removed from the image UI
- Some optimizations.
Sound Player
- Support new file formats: WMA, WAV, MID and AMR
but doesnt shows ID tags with these formats.
- First screen redeisgned.
- Minor fixes.
Sound Player
- Add support for MP4/M4A Files (According to the firmware)
- Smaller font in the browser mode (including picture viewer, sound player and file broswer)
now you can see up to 8 files per one page!
- Some minor fixes.
Sound Player
- Playlist making mecanism rebuilded for future addons (Like personal playlists, list filtering and sorting).
- "Play Tree" and "Play Folder" added to the Sound player menu. "Play Tree" plays all files including files in subfolders.
"Play Folder" limits the playlist to the current folder.
Picture Viewer
- Removed field names from picture info mode.
- Added Hebrew Fix in options menu
(dont forget to enable it, but remeber
that it will make the program run a little slower
due to hebrew reversing).
Sound Player
- The look of the player has totally changed,
i've made a customized skin based on Media Player.
- Add feature to show Song's / Folder's image while playing.
look at the instruction above.
Picture Viewer
- Added skin to Details box. (also based on media player)
- Removed JPG prefix in the details box.
- Fixed some align bugs.
- Picture Viewer functions are now seperated
completely from XploreME's core, so memory usage and
loading process is optimized.
Sound Player
- Added new feature: Jump to Track, by pressing "5" in the player.
- Added new feature: Locking while in player, pressing "1" twice to lock
and "1"+"*" to unlock. Does not lock END button.
- Added Clock to the player display.
- Volume control became graphical.
- Added flash affect to the progress bar when in pause mode.
- Fixed a bug with the shuffling when selecting "Play Tree" or "Play Folder"
from the menu, the shuffling became out of sync, now it ok.
- When Choosing "Play Tree" or "Play Folder" and Shuffle mode is on,
the player will start from a random song. if Shuffle mode is off
the player will start from the first song.
- Hebrew Charset support for ID3 tags added, now
instead unknown gibrish letters it will display
the tags properly. (need to be activated from the options menu)
- Hebrew ID3 tags now aligned to the right in the player.
Picture Viewer
- Detail Box's font is plain instead of bold, looks more clean.
File Browser
- Now start from "mobile" directory, but still can go to the root.
- About screen rebuilded. Now also shows free space and memory.
- Midlet Premissions detector rebuilded. Now if XploreME
dont have premmision it will quit(after showing an alert).
- Fixed a bug in Hebrew reversing, when there was
only one english letter or number, the result was blank string.
- Added new feature: Search for files. (in Menu)
- Added new feature: Return to player, From anyware!
(If the player is working)
- Added new feature: Move to top, when the list contain more
than 7 files. (Add as an item in the end of the list)
- Added Wait screens when XploreME is lising files,
loading a picture or loading the player.
- About and Options are now shown in the main menu.
- Menus rearranged.
Sound Player
- Added new feature: Display modes
Using the SEND button you can toggle between 3 modes:
1. Normal mode, screen refresh every 1 sec, lights go down after 10 sec.
2. Always ON, same as normal, but the lights stay on, "*" mark
will be show next to the clock.
3. Monitor Off, No Light, no display, no refresh, perfect for saving
battery power.
- Some light bugs fixed.
Picture Viewer
- Fixed a bug when only one picture is present, the program got stuck when
trying to switch pictures.
- Critical bug fix, main menu may get scrambled
if pressing a key at start.
- Added "Go to bottom" on long file lists.
- Added "Mixed" in the choose source menu
(in the Picture Viewer and the Sound Player),
You can see files from both phone's memory and the flash card!
- The Rename feature as removed due lot of bugs,
will be back on future releases with more file actions.
Picture Viewer
- Added Support for new file formats: PNG, GIF
(Doesn't show animation), Xmef, Xmei.
- Detail Box rebuild, now shows the file format.
Sound Player
- Added Support for new file format: 3gp, wmv.
(Listen only)
- Now Saves volume level on exit.
- Warn if the player is active when quiting XploreME.

- Changes in almost all of the program's code.
- New main menu, now includes new items.
- Almost all icons have changed.
- New Utilities menu that will contain some mini-tools.
- Added new FileActions Module.
- Now can see ALL hidden directories and ALL hidden files. (thanks to jeeee)
- Added new item in Options menu: "Show hidden files" On/Off (Default is On)
- Changed font size in About sceen to a smaller one.
Media Player
- Sound Player is now reffered as Media Player and able to
Play videos as well.
(Although playing Videos in Java is very limited,
so no rotating or Full Screen view is available)
- Added new video file formats support: mp4, 3gp, wmv, rv.
- Added new audio file format support: ra.
- Show Video On/Off key is set to "5".
- Lock key changed to "Soft1".
- Jump Track key changed to "J-Center".
- Added Toggle Continuity feature (Play one file at a time),
No-Continuity is default for video files.
Continuity can be change using key "1".
- Help screen reconstrutced.
- Fixed a bug- When returned to the player the help screen didnt

Picture Viewer
- Help screen reconstrutced, also fixed some mistakes.

File Actions
- Total new FileActions module
- Features: Delete/Rename/Move/Copy all files,
Make new folders, Delete empty folders.
(Future releases will contain mutli-file handle support
so Deleting/Copying/Moving entire folders will be available)

- Added "Sleeper" - Is the program "ChargeME!" (Look at help).
- Sleeper: New feature - Can set a Timer that stop the player when
it reaches to zero. Timer set using key "Soft1" (only when player is active)

- Listing Files code and mechanism has rebuilded
now listing and searching files is a little faster (up 10% faster).
- add: Shows free space in "Choose Source" Menu.
- add shortcut key: when pressing "#" in the flash intro screen,
the Sleeper utility is initiated.
- Top/Buttom icons has fixed to match dark background

Media Player
- Added new skin "Windows Media Player 11" (skin made by darcu)
the skin is now fixed and work prefectly. can activate
this skin from options menu.
- Seek time steps changed from 8 sec to 10 sec.

Picture Viewer
- added "Vista" details box (when WMP11 skin is activated).

- Added "Stopper" -
A Stopwatch with some unique features,
that can save up to 10 scores.
Soft1 - exit stopper
Soft2 - reset stopper (pressing twice will delete scores)
Soft3 - save score (on key released for more accurate result)
2 - smart start\stop:
    when pressing- if not yet started, start
    when releasing- stop
Other keys - normal start/stop.
Media Player
- fixed a bug with wrong seeking of files
that last longer that 35 min, now can seek until the
end of the file.

- Stopper:
  - fix a bug that 6 minutes was count as 1 hour, now its
    working fine.
  - change stopper method, now uses the phone's clock to
    make more acurate timing, even when busy.

File Browser
- a little speed optimization to file listing.
Media Player
- Supports new file format- 3GA.
- a little speed optimization to playlist generator.
- ADD: Smart time seeking(turn off/on via Options):
when holding buttons 4/6 the the time will change in 8 sec interval,
then 20 sec interval and then 40 sec interval.
- ADD: 20 Volume levels(turn off/on via Options):
Volume levels can be changed from 10 levels to 20.
- ADD: Smart VolumeChange(turn off/on via Options):
When changing volume,the track will be paused for a moment to avoid
the program getting stuck.
- fixed a bug: when returning from paused/work in background mode
the light+lock mode will stay has it was before XploreME got paused.
- Stopper: some draw corrections.